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Disclaimers and Copyright

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You can access this website if and only if you accept the following disclaimers and copyrights.

Here "website" stands for the "FOTV Flags of the Vexillum" site you are visiting; "we" stands for the managers of the website. Of course, you won't read this before accessing the site.

Controversial subjects

There are no controversial subjects related to the flags of the Vexillum. Unlike the so-called "real world," in Vexillum there is no real or potential violence around flags. Well, none that we would readily admit to.

Anyway, any opinion expressed by a contributor about a controversial subject is to be considered his/her own personal opinion, not the opinion "of the website" or ours.


The quality of images and news vary very much: this website contains not only well-known flags but also sketches and rumors, often seized on the spot from a email bits and pieces or from another website. In any case, we disclaim any responsability about the veracity and accuracy of the contents of this website. We only accept responsability about the quality of our imagination.

The hosting organization

The organization that is hosting the website the Royal Zartanian Vexillological Society is not responsible anyway for the contents of the website. It is responsible, however, for the advertising at the top of these pages.


Most text and images contained in this website are made by the contributors themselves. If the contributor says the origin of the material, we report it; otherwise, we assume it is new material and the copyright is owned by the contributor.

Some pictures are derived from clipart in graphic and word processing programs. Clipart normally can be incorporated into drawings without any copyright problems. Therefore, we add them to this website without declaring anything about their origin.

You can freely use any material copyrighted by the contributors of this website, provided:
  • you quote the author
  • you quote this website (as "FOTV Flags Of The Vexillum website")
  • you use the material for NON-COMMERCIAL scopes
  • if you distribute the material by a non-Internet method (e.g. thumb or flash drives, CD, DVD, etc.), you must add this Copyright text on every copy of the medium
  • if you distribute the material by a non-Internet method (e.g. thumb or flash drives, CD, DVD, etc.), you cannot sell these media