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What is FOTV

[FOTV official flag]
The official FOTV flag was designed by Edward Mooney, Jr. Click on the flag to view its history and meaning. This waving flag was drawn by Pascal Gross. FOTV background image courtesy of Michael Rudolf.
FOTV (Flags Of Vexillium) is a site originally established by Jorge Candeias, and devoted to the vexillology of the planet Vexillium in the ImagiNations game created by Edward Mooney, Jr. Here you can read more than 200 pages and view more than 250 images about flags. The site is fed with news and images posted to the ImagiNations mailing list. The contributors and the Editorial Staff work at FOTV freely. The contents of these pages are freely offered to the Internet community. Before accessing this site please read our disclaimers and copyright rules.

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