Empire of Albion-Merité

Foreign Relations

The Empire of Albion-Merité wishes to establish diplomatic relations with those states across Vexillium that it shares common interests.  To that end, the Foreign Ministry was created.  The Foreign Ministry is the part of the Albionish government responsible for establishing Albionish diplomatic missions in foreign states, and setting up foreign missions in Tabrik, the previous capital city.  Since the relocation of the imperial capital to Azhincour in 1594 (305AP), all incoming diplomatic missions have had the option to establish themselves in either the current capital city, Azhincour, or in the historical capital with other long-standing diplomatic missions in Tabrik.  Albionish ambassadors and consuls are appointed by the emperor upon recommendation from the foreign minister.  The current foreign minister is Lord Mercutio Aehrenthal.  On November 7, 1588 (299AP), the foreign ministry officially released the Albionish diplomatic seals.  Two were ordered by the emperor to be created: one for Albionish embassies, and one for consulates.embassy seal consulate seal   These seals will be displayed both on the front gates of Albionish diplomatic missions, and where appropriate by foreign governments.  On November 5, 1588, the emperor approved the foreign ministry's proposed foreign policy.  According to the policy, the empire will establish diplomatic relations with foreign states in three phases.  Phase I commenced on November 7, with the foreign ministry offering diplomatic recognition and relations to its neighbors and the Kingdoms of Eastern Zartania and Christiana.  Phase II will involve the establishment of relations with other monarchies throughout the world.  Phase III will establish relations with "select non-monarchical states."  Shown below are the states with whom Albion-Merité currently enjoys diplomatic relations, as well as those international organizations that the empire has joined.


Zartanian diplomatic seal State:  Greater Zartanian Empire
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Rachel Correl
Albionish Ambassador:  Lady Patricia Carter
Location in Tabrik:  #12 Government Street
Location of Albionish Embassy:  #4 Avenue of Nations, Imperial City, KSZ

Ulanovan embassy seal State:  Republic of Ulanova
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Lucien Richelieu
Albionish Ambassador:  Major Jonathan Ayres
Location in Tabrik:  #16 Prince George Blvd.
Location of Albionish Embassy:  Embassy Lane, Ulana, ULA
History:  Richelieu appointed 12/27/1588 as replacement; assumed residence 12/30

Kzanikstani embassy seal State:  Czardom of Kzanikstan
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Baronet Valery Ivanovitch Dubnehov
Albionish Ambassador:  Robert Waller
Location in Tabrik:  #287 Zartania Way
Location of Albionish Embassy:  14 Avenue of Nations, Kzanikgrad, KZA
History:  Baronet Dubnehov appointed 12/27/1588; will assume residence 1/4/1589

State:  United Kingdom of Caboteniasa
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Mrs. Lenita Carala
Albionish Ambassador:  Ernst Milanov
Location in Tabrik:  #3107 Bayside Lane
Location of Albionish Embassy:
History:  Mrs. Carala appointed 12/30/1588; will assume residence 1/1589

Achenari diplomatic seal State: Communist Federation of Achenar
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:
Albionish Ambassador:  Commander Sir Hans van Tach
Location in Tabrik:  827 Princess Elisabeth Way
Location of Albionish Embassy:

State:  Kingdom of Christiana
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Joshua Sinclair
Albionish Ambassador:  Gustav Gormann
Location in Tabrik:  279 Wesmeria Lane
Location of Albionish Embassy:

State:  Principality of Rosardan
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:
Albionish Ambassador:  Capt. Heinrich Trasemien
Location in Tabrik:  456 Old Merité Court
Location of Albionish Embassy:

State:  Kingdom of Altland
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:
Albionish Ambassador:
Location in Tabrik:
Location of Albionish Embassy:

State:  Sultanate of Feniz
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Na'End-Lich Aga
Albionish Ambassador:  Maj. Edward Haussen, IAA
Location in Tabrik:  72 Royalty Blvd.
Location of Albionish Embassy:  No 12, Deichmanns Aue, Fenizabad

Elifites & Zufites diplomatic seal State:  Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:
Albionish Ambassador:
Location in Tabrik:
Location of Albionish Embassy:

State:  Ansonian Federation
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  His Excellency, Lorant Oldan
Albionish Ambassador:  Lt. Col. Gehardt von Holtzen, IAA (ret.)
Location in Tabrik:  1400 Meadow Creek Avenue
Location of Albionish Embassy:  9 Fraternity Avenue, Diplomatic Quarter, Agronia, Ansonia

State:  Kingdom of Caledon
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Laird Patrick Haldane
Albionish Ambassador:  Sir Michel Bourais
Location in Tabrik:  197 Sunrise Drive
Location of Albionish Embassy:  #41 Rampart Drive, Eidyn, CAL

State:  Kingdom of Cimera
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Lady Gloria Carroll
Albionish Ambassador:  Lt. Col. Herbert Roll
Location in Tabrik:  1968 Majesty Way
Location of Albionish Embassy:  Sligomeagh, CIM

State:  Kingdom of Vingarmark
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  unknown
Albionish Ambassador:  Rt. Hon. Marg Reneau
Location in Tabrik:  1189 Oakview Lane
Location of Albionish Embassy:  unknown, VIN

State:  Greater Burovian Realm
Ambassador to Albion-Merité:  Lea Lakani-Laselle
Albionish Ambassador:  Evine Raschmour, 4th Baroness Edelwyn
Location in Azhincour:  10197 Overwatch Street
Location of Albionish Embassy:  Surina, Chungxipang, GBR
History: Ms. Lakani-Laselle appointed 4/8/1597


International Organizations

UNV seal Organization:  United Nations of Vexillium
Status:  Observer (non-voting)
Albionish Representative:  Sir Michael Westfall
Location:  Christianshaven, Kingdom of Christiana

LOCN membership seal Organization:  League of Old Continent Nations
Status:  full member with voting privileges
Albionish Representative:

IVEFA membership seal Organization:  International Vexillium Football Association
Status:  full member with voting privileges
Albionish Representative:  Frederick Grimes, Imperial Eagles head coach
Location:  Montroy, Westria, GBR

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