Imperial & Historical Flags

of Albion-Merité

Shown below are several examples of flags either currently used by the Empire of Albion-Merité, or used previously in history by either the Albionish or Meritéan people.  A picture of each flag is shown, followed by a description of the flag and/or dimensions.  More flags will be added periodically.

Imperial Political Flags

The current national flag of Albion-Merité was adopted on September 12, 299AP, by the Albionish Provisional Government prior to the establishment of independence.  The green and red colors are traditionally the colors of the Albionish people, representing the great natural wealth of old Albion (known called Outermarc) and the blood of the Albionish people.  The white diagonal stripe indicates the hope for peace and the future.  Centered on the flag is the Albionish imperial coat-of-arms, the arms of the ruling Badenburg family.  These arms are black with a silver eagle centered, wings spread, and the shield topped with an imperial crown.

The Albionish naval ensign was officially adopted on September 25, 299AP, by the emperor.  The ensign features the same basic elements as the national flag, but arranged in a vertical manner in order to provide easier identification at sea.  The naval ensign is flown by all warships of the Albionish Navy whether at sea or in port.

The battleflag of the Albionish Militia was adopted on September 25, 299AP, by the emperor, and serves as the flag of the empire's ground forces.  Like the Albionish naval ensign, the battleflag was designed using the same basic elements as the national flag, but rearranged for easier identification.  The red and green portions of the flag have been reduced to the 2nd and 3rd quarters, leaving the other two quarters white.  Two swords have been placed in the white quarters, symbolizing the militia's duty to defend the empire.  The swords were modeled after the sword found in Eastern Zartanian flags as a tribute to that kingdom's continuing efforts to help defend the empire.

The flag of Albion was adopted by the Ministry of Albionish Affairs, with the consent of the emperor, on January 20, 300AP, to represent the part of the empire known as Albion.  This flag takes its design from the flag of the old Republic of Terramarc, but changes the colors to Albionish green and red.  The Terramarcian design is meant to symbolize the role that the Albionish played in that state, and that state's role in the attempted destruction of the Albionish.  This flag is displayed in the Albionish part of the empire, and is a cross between an ethnic flag, national flag, and provincial flag.  It is subordinate to the flag of the empire, but is often seen flying by itself in Albion.

Like the Albionish part of the empire, the Meritéan part also has its own flag.  Officially adopted on January 20, 300AP, with the consent of the emperor, the flag was adopted by the Ministry of Meritéan Affairs.  The Meritéan flag draws its design directly from the flag of the old Kingdom of Merité.  The blue and black have been reversed in their positions on the flag, however, to indicate the changing nature of the old kingdom.  The four stars in the corners were changed from orange to white, as well.  The four white stars represent the four countries that arose from the breakup of the former Merité: Rosardan, Ulanova, Wesmeria, and Albion-Merité.  The orange star at the center stands for the original Merité.  Black, then, is the past, surrounding Merité, while blue stands for the hopeful futures of the four child-states.