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Empire of Albion-Merité

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The Empire of Albion-Merité was officially established on September 16, 299 AP, following more than nine months of protectorateship under the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania.  During that time, and under the watchful eye of the United Nations of Vexillium Committee on Collapsed Nations (or UNVCOCN), the Albionish people were transported from their original homeland in what is now known as Westermarc (part of the Westrian Realm) to the portion of the former Kingdom of Merité that now makes up the empire.  As part of the transition phase during the protectorateship, the Albionish people integrated with the indigenous Meritéan population.  While the process of integration is not yet fully completed, amazing progress has been made to date.  Both groups of people have expressed a willingness to work together toward the creation of a bi-national state, culture, and government.  To that end, a unique and distinctly Albionish government has been established here.  From this page you can visit the following pages to learn more about our empire:
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Maximilian II Badenburg
Emperor of Albion & King of Merité

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